Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best music of 2009

10 Best records of 2009 _in numerical order_
1. Merriweather Post Pavilion, by Animal Collective
2. Zii e Zie, by Caetano Veloso
3. XX, by XX
4. Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, by Bill Callahan
5. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, by Phoenix
6. Fever Ray, by Fever Ray
7. Let's Change the World With Music, by Prefab Sprout
8. How to Get to Heaven from Scotland, by Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs
9. Jewellery, by Micachu and the Shapes
10. Inspiration Information 3, by Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics

Hear the list in Spotify (except Bill Callahan)

Another 28 great records of 2009 _alphabetical order_
Album, by Girls
Beacons of Ancestorship, by Tortoise
Beat Conducta 5-6, by Madlib
BiRd-BrAiNs, by tUnE-yArDs
Bitte Orca, by Dirty Projectors
Bromst, by Dan Deacon
Dark Was the Night, VV.AA. (curated by The National)
Embryonic, by The Flaming Lips
Farm, by Dinosaur Jr.
Five Years of Hyperdub, VV.AA.
Hold Time, by M. Ward
Logos, by Atlas Sound
Manners, by Passion Pit
Noble Beast, by Andrew Bird
Popular songs, by Yo La Tengo
Primary Colours, by The Horrors
One, by Ben Klock
Rockwell, by Anni Rossi
The Ecstatic, by Mos Def
The Eternal, by Sonic Youth
The Good Feeling Music, by Dent May
The Love Language, by The Love Language
To Be Still, by Alela Diane
Together Through Life, by Bob Dylan
Veckatimest, by Grizzly Bear
Watersports, by Mi Ami
Wavves, by Wavves
Wilco (the Album), by Wilco

Hear the list in Spotify (except Tortoise, Hyperdub, Ben Klock, Alela Diane, Bob Dylan, Grizzly Bear and Mi Ami)

14 songs of 2009 _alphabetical order_
1901, by Phoenix
Hibari, by Ryuichi Sakamoto (video)
House of Diamonds, by Bowerbirds
Islands, by Xx
Lalita, by The Love Language
Lisztomania, by Phoenix
My Girls, by Animal Collective
Osaka Loop Line, by Discovery
Rum Hee (Deerhoof Remix), by Shugo Tokumaru (In Fairtilizer)
Sasong, by Avery Tare & Kría Brekkan (In YouTube)
Stillness Is The Move, by Dirty Projectors
The Reeling, by Passion Pit
Velvet, by The Big Pink
Woof Woof, by Dan Deacon

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Fourteen beautiful Spanish records from 2009 _alphabetical order_
1971, by Elle Belga
A Nadie, by Javier Corcobado
And it Matters to me to see you Smiling, by bRUNA
Chill Out, by Joe Crepúsculo
Chorando Apréndese, by Emilio José
Desayuno Continental, by Extraperlo
En la Cama con Antonna, by Antonna
El Perro Es Mío, by Francisco Nixon
El Primero Era Mejor, by Manos de Topo
La Educación, by Abraham Boba
La Mejor Hora para Despertarse, by La Banda Municipal del Polo Norte
Larga Duración, by Lagartija Nick
Macumba o muerte, by Za!
Otra nube, by Javier Colís y las Malas Lenguas
Romancero, by La Bien Querida

Hear the list in Spotify (except Joe Crepúsculo, Antonna, Manos de Topo, Javier Colís and La Bien Querida)

Best Generic Music Blog: Bolachas

Best Genre Music Blog: 300 Discos importantes da Música Brasileira

Best Concert a Emporter Kazuki Tomokawa part 2

Kazuki Tomokawa - A Take Away Show #98 - Part II from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mom & Apple Pie

Mom & Apple Pie from seretuaccidente on Vimeo.

A documentary on sounds, textures, and sugar.

In front of the camera: Kate McDermott
Behind the camera: Xurxo Martínez

This is my final work for my Web Strategies for Storytelling class. Master of Communication in Digital Media, University of Washington. Fall 2009.

Visit Art of the Pie at

Camera: Canon HDVCAM HV30
Sound: Rode Microphone NTG-2
Edited with Sony Vegas


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Small revolution in Spain

The story goes like this:

a) Spain is one of the countries with higher levels of piracy of copyrighted content (link).
b) Spanish Culture minister, Ángeles González-Sinde, is an screenwriter that has a very tight relation with Spanish blogosphere and twittersphere.
c) This week her Ministry introduced a polemic paragraph in a big law project on Sustainable Economy (focused on recovering from the Economic Crisis). The paragraph said that the government could close websites or blogs that infringes intellectual property without any judicial control (link).
d) Bloggers, journalists and users created a Manifesto in Defense of Fundamental Rights in the Internet (link).
e) Legal analyse of the Law propose by lawyer David Bravo (link).
f) After a talking with some of the responsibles of the Manifesto, González-Sinde just says that it was a very interesting meeting. Hours after, Spanish President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, had to step back and explain that no one in the government will close any webpage and that changes may be made in the law proposal (link).
g) Members of PSOE (party in power in Spain) complained because González-Sinde didn't make clear what consequences the paragraph could have.
h) Spanish newspaper Publico opens friday edition with the image of the keyboards ctrl+z (Zapatero's nickname/brand is ZP) (link).

Today in the news, tomorrow in a Clay Shirky book.


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