Sunday, January 4, 2009

Song of the week: Crusin'

By 1979 Smokey Robinson already was a living legend. His music numbers with The Miracles (great songs such as 'You really got a hold on me', 'The tracks of my tears' or 'Tears of a clown'), or another Motown acts, as 'My girl' (The temptations) or 'My guy' (Mary Welles) are true classics. He had even started a career as single artist that included critically acclaimed LPs like Smokey or Quiet Storm.

So, he had nothing to prove. But he did. 'Cruisin´', included in the LP Where there's smoke is his last great song, an example of elegant sensuality that would fit perfectly in Marvin Gaye' records as Let's get it on or Here, my dear. A laidback song full of mellow arrangements that still shows rhythm.

D'Angelo included a version of this song in his debut, Brown sugar.

Crusin - Smokey Robinson

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