Friday, July 10, 2009

An aggregator with a newspaper's heart

Just wanted to show you the web I've been working on as PM for the last 9 months

Is a social aggregator (as or but with the the looks of a very 2.0 online newspaper. We wanted two (maybe three) main things:
- Give video and images the same relevance as text articles
- Be a confortable place to stay for everyone: social aggregators (even twitter) use to have very interesting content, but the interface is too hard and geek for a lot of people who looks for information in the internet.
- Avoid the feeling that this is a voting contest and that if Mr. Popularity sends an article it will be in the frontpage in few minutes. Of course we use the votes in order to create the top, but also give more relevance to a visit that comes from a mail or a tweet than to a visit from google and we think that if a reader goes to the original source that means he or she really liked it and is more valuable.

Hope you enjoy it

Nuevo Fresqui


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