Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is the video my ex co-workers in have upload as a goodbye. More than 40 great professionals have worked in this project, trying to make great information ('old style', you can say) for the new people that uses internet as their main way to keep informed. A kind of third way between the mainstream news sites and that other kind of information that provides the blogs, flickr, twitter youtube...

Despite showing good figures (more than 1,3 million users), with even better numbers than internationaly praised sites as Newser (see chart, the owners decided last month to close the site.

Now will die (will be just be updated from time to time with the articles from a newspaper owned by the same company), and this is the farewell of the team that made it possible in the last 18 months.

Los últimos días de | from Adriano on Vimeo.


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