Monday, October 26, 2009

An astronaut, e-postman or maybe online communicator

This post is about where do I see myself in the near future. A kind of What do you want to do when you grow up? where grow up means 'after leaving the Master of Communication in Digital Media'.

Want to start saying that for me the best plan is always Plan B. When I research one city before going on holiday is just to feel that I will have things to do in case I don't feel safe or confident enough to improvise, which is my first option. And I feel this post is something similar: I guess I still don't know what will be the perfect place for me, maybe it doesn't even exist, but will try to picture myself in the future with what I know now.

My background is online information, ranging from regular writing to product management. And my reasons to be in this Master are to learn a different information culture, see from the inside what's going on in the USA and, more specifically, learn new ways to tell stories and to provide information.

So I want to be...
In the next years I see myself trying to create new storytelling formats for the Internet and figuring out which way the users want the information to be delivered in an overcrowded and multi source world. I feel that we need to come out with some 100% internet journalistic genre, other than links and tweets.

If I have to think about just one position that already exists and I would love to have it would be at The New York Times Research and Development Lab. This is a place where they try to display the NYT content in ways that could be more convenient for mobile devices or could break the notion that an online newspaper is "just the same" in another platform. They also try to create formats that doesn't need to resemble a printed media and would be internet native.

And if I find a different way to tell stories and communicate I will be happy. Don't need to make money for this or to become famous. For me Internet is a place where people gets and gives things from and for others, and I'd love to make my contribution something else than posts, comments and photos.



Nicole Siegel said...

Es una idea excelente!

Terrence said...

A job in the NY Times R&D lab would be amazing. I'm with you on making more of this medium than links, posts and photos.


Alex Guerrero said...

Oh man, I had the chance to meet one of the directors from the NY Times R&D lab -trying to teach us how to better display World Bank information in NYT-like innovative formats, such as the ones they used to display election results last november- and dude, it was pretty amazing. I can even imagine myself living there, i mean, working, and be happy.

Wish you luck pursuing your dreams, even if they are the Plan B

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