Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ideas for final video work

Ideas for the final video work at com597b from seretuaccidente on Vimeo.

For those that have problems with the video (the audio is quite low) or my english, or just because is more than 45 seconds long, here's the four options I put on the table:

- Neighborhoods, because most of the Seattle ones work as small independent units, have their own personality and resources. Quenn Anne and International district are world apart. This subject is open enough for people also to focus on any daily issue that involves the people you live with and the relations with/among them

- Transport (bus, bike, car, light rail, monorail, train...) because is one of the defining characteristics of the city and allow to talk about the people and the relations with the place where they live.

- Music, that have been a city's leitmotiv for the last 20 years (from Mudhoney to Fleet foxes), is one of it's creative forces and also can give us the opportunity of talking about the cultural diversity of Seattle.

- Coffee + coffee shops. This is an obvious one, don't know if too closed. What's the role of the coffee houses in the daily life, if the (again) cultural and ethnical diversity has something to do with the fact that Seattle is one of the prime consumers of coffee in the States...



Rossrey said...

Neighborhoods would be great for me. Would non-Seattleites have a hard time?
Transit sounds promising. What if we focused on our how to we get to class each Thursday.
Coffee has be done so often, I'd have a hard time getting psyched up.

Mary said...

I like the idea of how we all get to class each Thursday, I bet that's pretty broad.

I think neighborhoods would be a good way for us new ones to get an introduction to the area, and learn more about our own neighborhoods.

(Unrelated: nice TVOTR reference in your blog title.)

Bonnie Southcott (Kyler) said...

I agree with Ross about coffee. I suggested and then killed the idea in my own blog entry.

Commuting to work? Like it.

I'd vote for "neighborhoods" if I could cover a Bellingham hood!

Accidente said...

Neighborhood can be translated into community for the non-Seattleites.


(Unrelated: TVOTR rocks)

Nicole said...

Neighborhoods--maybe make sure no one does the same neighborhood? OR we could all do the same neighborhood and each have specifically different stories.

Transit--This could be really cool. If we don't do any capturing or editing with UW property, we could sell it to WSDOT ;)

Music--This could be a more specific option for Kelly's "Entertainment" topic.

Terrence said...

Neighborhoods has the best possibilities. Like the "Seattle" suggestion, it would be great for the out-of-towners.

Nicole Siegel said...

Like the idea of neighborhoods. In my short time here in Seattle, I'm just starting to learn about the different parts of town and they definitely each have their own character and uniqueness.

Transportation - coming from Chicago, I'm used to using mass transit and must say that it's a bit different here. It's also GREAT for people watching (some interesting characters I've seen). Could be fun to do some commuter interviews while actually on the bus?

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